A winter warmer…

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Food

Well the weather’s decidedly chilly now, despite the sunny days we’ve been having in Sydney, and I’m taking the opportunity to try out new recipes every weekend I get the chance. This weekend I steered clear of the slow cooker and instead prepared a warming chicken casserole. It was nice to cook something that didn’t have a tomato base (suffering slightly from tomato overload) and this has a creamy base of coconut milk and chicken stock.

I have an aversion to onion akin to a vegetarian’s dislike of meat, and so I never include onion when it says to in recipes. I can honestly report that I’ve never noticed a lack of flavour due to lack of onion, and there’s also the benefit of no onion breath. Yay! 🙂


You'll never find ME chopping up onions.... vom...

You’ll never find ME chopping up onions…


So, here’s the recipe: chicken and spicy vegetable casserole. For people who don’t like spice, there was definitely enough chilli pesto in the recipe, but for me (who will happily sit there eating something so spicy both my eyes and nose run at the same time. I know, gross), I would add another tablespoon of chilli pesto. Served with brown rice, this is pretty healthy actually. I used coconut milk instead of coconut evaporated milk just because I had that in the pantry, and it came out delicious and creamy. Overall, a winner, and one I will add to the regular repertoire at Chez Lisa.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Anyone else have any other awesome chicken recipes, or winter warmers? I’ll be posting lots more recipes over the coming winter months but would love to hear yours.

Stay Fit & Well,

Lisa x

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