I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32 …

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Wellbeing
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I turn 32 tomorrow, and this year I’ll be in London for my birthday. I don’t make a huge deal about my birthday, as it’s never really meant that much to me. But it’s always nice to do something, and before I turned 30 that something would have been anything that involved me getting very, very drunk. Since turning 30, however, my birthday celebrations have been much more civilised (with the exception of my 30th which involved several friends and I drinking champagne in my bed at 9am on a Sunday after being out until 5am. That was memorable for many reasons, one of which was the 2 day hangover).

30th birthday champage & orange juice

Yep, this happened. Champagne & orange juice for breakfast.

This birthday pizza probably takes the award for the best birthday ‘cake’ I’ve ever had (and there’s been many), thanks to my friends organising it with the local pizza place on a holiday in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. Three of us shared a birthday, so they could only fit our first initials onto the pizza. Pesto never tasted so good…

Birthday pizza!

For my 29th birthday… birthday pizza!

Last year Rob took me to Bells at Killcare where we had an amazing lunch before getting massages in the day spa. This year we’ll be staying in a fancy hotel in London and going for dinner at a French restaurant recommended by a friend.

But enough about restaurants and birthday pizza.

What I really wanted to write about was how it feels to be turning 32, but it kind of doesn’t feel any different than 31. 30 was a bit of a doozy, it threw me a bit, and involved a mini existential crisis (don’t worry, it only lasted a week) which I guess was prompted by the realisation that when I was 18, 30 seemed SO OLD. Oh poor, innocent, young me. Ha. Little did I know that the whole marriage/kids/mortgage scenario was one I would steer well clear of in my 20s. I still plan on doing 2 of the 3 (buying property in Sydney?! You’ve got to be kidding) but my god I am glad I met the love of my life in my late 20s. Looking back, if I’d married my first serious boyfriend, chances are we’d be divorced by now. And for good reason.

Ain't that the truth ...

Ain’t that the truth …

I can’t speak for everyone but I changed from a timid little 20 year old mouse who hardly ventured from the area I grew up in, to a crazy-arse 25 year old hot mess living in London, and now I feel like I’ve emerged as a put-together adult who is way better able to cope with life. And the person I was in my early 20s is miles apart from my current self. In a good way.

I’m pretty proud of the fact my parents have never had to bail me out of financial messes (only emotional ones), that I finished uni, achieved my career goals by 28 (still haven’t thought of new ones yet), am debt free (unless you count that uni debt I am still struggling with. But who counts that?) and I’m very lucky to have met an awesome man to share my good fortune and hard work with.

So really, 32 feels pretty freaking good 🙂

32 feels great actually!

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

  1. Latarche says:

    I struggled with turning 30 to. The lead up for a week or so was pretty terrible but the minute I woke up on my 30th Birthday I realised it meant nothing. I have the house (with a crap load of debt) hit my career goal at 27. Now engaged to be married. I am so happy I didn’t do any of this in my 20’s as well. Happy Birthday Lisa!

  2. foodfitwell says:

    Thanks Latarche! I actually got engaged on my birthday this year, so it turned out to the the best birthday ever 🙂 Here’s to us being awesome in our 30s!

  3. Paul Bulos says:

    still so young, have a really happy birthday…P

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