8 weeks to a bangin’ bod with Fierce for Life

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Fitness, Food
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So last month I interviewed Lau from Fierce for Life about her life and her fitness business. Lau is a personal friend of mine, but I’ve also participated in her fitness programs and she’s a brilliant motivator and all-round great person. Which is why I’m pretty excited about her new program – 8 Weeks to a Bangin’ Bod on a Budget.

Fit chicks rock :)

Fierce For Life

There’s a fantastic sneak peek you can take a look at here, to see what the program is all about. Workouts, meal plans and access to Lau herself are all included. If you’re looking to begin a fitness program but are unsure where to start, I would really recommend this, as it’s step-by-step and easy to follow.

Eat well and move more

Lau knows this. She’ll sort you out.

What other programs have you tried? What has worked and what hasn’t?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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