Don’t go breakin’ my heart…

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Fitness
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My heart rate monitor, that is.

What is a heart rate monitor? It pretty much does what it says on the tin – it monitors your heart rate, and calculates how many calories you have burnt based on both your heart rate and your body weight. It also keeps track of time, like a regular watch, and it can act as a stopwatch (particularly good if you’re doing Tabata training).

You wear the heart rate monitor on a band that sits underneath your chest, and the watch on your arm to track your progress.


My beloved heart rate monitor. I call it heartie. Not really.

Before I bought this baby, I just kind of pottered about in the gym, doing what I thought I should be doing. Sure I sweated and huffed and puffed, but really not so much. Then I bought my HRM and realised what I was doing was not burning calories. So I started doing short, hard bursts of cardio coupled with weights and my calorie burn skyrocketed.

Now I’m not saying that burning calories is the be-all and end-all, but it’s a nice goal to have. Now I also have strength goals (I leg pressed 50kg this week, pretty happy with that!) but when I was first starting out it helped me to figure out what I should spend my time on.

I would highly recommend the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, but there are loads of others out there at all different price ranges so you can shop around.

I wouldn’t be without mine, and it’s sure not going anywhere soon.

HRM love

That’s right!

What’s the one piece of gym gear you can’t live without?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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