10 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Pregnancy, Wellbeing
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Ok, so I have been lucky enough not to suffer from morning sickness through the first trimester, unlike 70% of the pregnant population, but I have to tell you – THERE ARE THINGS WORSE THAN MORNING SICKNESS.

I’m sure my previously pregnant friends (and actually I don’t have a lot of those – most people I know are still childless and loving it) didn’t have the same feelings, thoughts and symptoms throughout their pregnancies, but I honestly had no idea these things could happen. Read on and find out what SUPER FUN THINGS might be in store for you (if you’re female and plan on having kids)…

pregnancy meme

1) You will be very very very very angry. And sad. Sometimes both at once.

2) You will be very very very very resentful of ‘ordinary’ people – those that can drink wine, eat feta until it’s coming out their ears, and eat poached eggs for breakfast EVERY GODDAMN DAY.

3) Your skin will change. Like, massively. Freckles are appearing where my skin has never even seen the sun, and don’t get me started with the dry, itchy skin.

4) If you’ve never been overweight or put on much weight, the fact that you now have a belly is going to be hard to come to terms with.

5) Although most doctors say you can have the occasional glass of wine, if you attempt to have even one tiny glass every sip will feel like you are killing your baby. The guilt – it starts early.

6) They say you’ll be tired. You think yeah, sure, I’ll just eat super healthy and exercise. And then you get Nutella cravings and eat a whole tub in 2 nights, and sprain your ankle and are unable to exercise. And you go to sleep at 8.30pm like you’re 10 years old or something.

7) You can’t get your heart rate above 150 bpm. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT. I saw pregnant women exercising, but now I look back on it they were never sweating. That’s because you can’t get overheated or the baby gets overheated and distressed. So consequently, you’re basically stuck doing nothing that will burn fat or give you nice endorphin rushes for 9 months.

8) You will feel actual pain in your stomach muscles. Like muscle cramps. Every day. I guess it’s the muscles and skin stretching but it’s uncomfortable and sore.

9) You will feel an incurable urge to watch One Born Every Minute. Even though it scares you and it’s gross and you know you shouldn’t. You just keep on going back.

10) At the end of the day, people can give you advice and be there to talk, but you are going to have to physically build, house and give birth to this baby on your own. And that’s a pretty massive thing to have to deal with. Especially for someone who has only ever had to look after themselves (and often done even that quite badly!) for 32 years.

Of course it’s not all resentment and sore boobs. But mostly it is.

evicted at birth

Anyone have any nice pregnancy side effects they’ve encountered?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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