Things I’m looking forward to (and no, this list does not include the latest episode of The Block)

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Food, Pregnancy, Wellbeing
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Summer is over, and we’re officially in autumn (although who would know it on days like today – 27 degrees and sunny!). And I can’t say I’m too sorry to see the back of summer – I have to tell you that being a pregnant woman is absolutely the worst when the weather is hot, as your body temperature is already elevated. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and not being a walking oven anymore. But that’s not all I’m looking forward to. Here’s my seasonal list of things I’m feeling excited and exhilarated by:

  • The baby! Our baby will be born in May, and I can’t bloody wait. And not only because I desperately want to meet the little fella who has been kicking me constantly for the past month or so. I’m also looking forward to eating feta, sleeping on my stomach, being able to paint (or indeed even reach) my own toenails, a glass of red wine, being able to move quickly again without getting breathless (or receiving a kick to the ribs) and runny poached eggs. And I can’t wait to start the next phase of our lives with our own little family. So crazy to think that someone will be calling me Mummy…
The cuteness, it's too much!

The cuteness, it’s too much!

  • Cooler weather. Call me crazy but I want to get out my cardigans, cosy jumpers and boots already. I love autumn and winter fashion – it’s so much more forgiving, not to mention comfortable. And an afternoon walk with a cooling breeze is so much more pleasant than one in the blazing sun. And walking, pilates and swimming is about all I can manage now.
Autumn in Centennial Park

Autumn in Centennial Park

  • The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). This is the second book in this series about a hardboiled private eye in London, and if you are a lover of crime books and haven’t already read this, get on it. It’s out in June, which is technically winter, but hey, the anticipation is building already!
The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

If its anything like the first book in the series, I’m going to love it…

  • Girls S1. I am late to the party with Girls, and haven’t even watched the first episode of Season 1 yet, but I’ve downloaded the first series and plan on watching it when I’m on maternity leave. You know, in between feeding a baby, eating myself, cleaning, potentially cooking, and sleeping. So it will probably take me several months to watch it.

Lena Dunham in Girls

  • Using the slowcooker. I love my slowcooker. Seriously, it’s probably been one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received. Admittedly it took me a year to get it out of the box, but since then I’ve not looked back. You just bang all the ingredients in the slowcooker, turn it on and 6-8 hours later you have a delicious meal. And what could be better when you have another human being to look after full-time as well as yourself, than freeing up some time by not have to slave over a hot stove. This season I’ll be cooking hearty chicken and vegetable soup, chilli, lamb shanks, and many other new recipes I hope to discover.

Slowcook all the things

  • 9 months off work. Now before you start turning green with envy, may I remind you that every day of this 9 months will comprise the following: wiping a pooey bottom (not my own), cleaning up puke (also, hopefully, not my own), sleeping for maximum 1 hour at a time, providing nourishment on demand every 3 hours, and attempting to clean and dress myself as well as cleaning, cooking, etc. In actual fact, I’ll be working harder than I ever have in my whole life, but hey, bring it on!

How do I put this...

What are you looking forward to in the coming season?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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