It’s been a long time between drinks … but I have exciting ebook news!

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Fitness, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

Well it’s been a while. Over a month since my last post, but in my defense I have been spectacularly busy. What with work, wedding planning, growing a human being inside me and just general life stuff, I have found it hard to find time to blog. And also, I’m not really sure what to blog about now.

This blog is meant to be about health and fitness, but all I feel qualified to write about currently is prego fitness, and I’m fairly certain that would narrow my readership down somewhat. But I did think I might give you an update, or shall we say a comparison. This is what I used to do:

Exercise 4-5 times a week: weights and interval training for cardio.

And this is what I do now:

Exercise 2-3 times a week: walking, pre-natal pilates, pre-natal yoga or swimming.

One day, in the hopefully not too distant future, I will get back to this:

Just a few months ago I used to be able to do push ups on my toes. A lot of them too. I fondly remember those days...

Just a few months ago I used to be able to do push ups on my toes. A lot of them too. I fondly remember those days…


But for now, this about sums it up:

But some exciting news: I am working on a pregnancy ebook! I thought to myself “Damn, I wish someone had told me all these things before I got pregnant, or at least at the very beginning of my pregnancy.” So I’m writing a short ebook about stuff like the symptoms no one tells you about, what exercise you should be doing, what vitamins you should be taking, what you should pack in your hospital bag, and what stupid advice you should ignore. I hope to knock it out before I pop the baby out (in the next few weeks), so I’ll keep you posted.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in the ebook (or you have any ideas for a title!) let me know.


Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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