Motherhood laid bare: the first 2 weeks

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Motherhood, Pregnancy, Wellbeing
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I gave birth 2 weeks ago. I gave birth – it still seems strange to say that. It was simultaneously the most amazing and intense experience of my life, and the most painful. After an 18 hour labour I am VERY glad it’s now over, and we have our gorgeous baby boy, Harrison.

I still can't believe we created something so perfect...

I still can’t believe we created something so perfect…

The number one thing people who have already had kids say to you when you’re in these early days is “It gets better”. Which is some comfort when you’ve been up for hours with an unsettled baby, you’ve changed his nappy, you’ve fed him, you’ve made sure he’s warm enough but not too warm, and he’s still crying. But not much.

Sleep deprivation, hormones, issues with breastfeeding, and really not knowing at all what you’re doing all contribute to the first few weeks being an emotional rollercoaster, It’s worth it to see his content, perfect little face but boy is it hard. I can’t believe that this government only allows 2 weeks paternity leave – I feel like I need Rob for at least a couple of months to help out. He has been amazing. I can see I won’t get a chance to shower, leave the house or even feed myself some days. And I already have so much new-found respect for single parents – how they do it alone and don’t go out of their mind I will never know!

In terms of my physical recovery, it is going well. I didn’t have to have any stitches, so it’s all pretty straightforward. I do have abdominal wall separation, which isn’t painful but sounds it. It just means I can’t do any sit ups for a while. I’ll be documenting my return to the gym and exercise once I get the go-ahead in 4 weeks time. The weight has come off quickly, I think due to breastfeeding, but it’s muscle tone I will need to work on. And, you know, cardio fitness.

For now, we’re still getting our bearings. But every day we know our son more and more, and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to stare into his eyes and know that you are his world. The word love doesn’t go anywhere near describing it.

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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