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Australia Day for our family of one Aussie, one Englishman and one half/half is a celebration of being lucky enough to live in a country that has an amazing landscape, some of the friendliest people you’ll ever come across, bloody brilliant fresh food and just a great, relaxed vibe in which to raise a family. We can celebrate the fact that it’s part of the national identity to drive your car home barefoot from the beach, leaving a trail of sand through the house as you go, then cracking a cold one while you throw a few snags on the barbie and have a chinwag with your neighbours. Not that we did that, but we could have!

It’s Harrison’s first Australia Day, but we celebrated early yesterday with a BBQ that stretched on well into the night. It was great to see friends we haven’t caught up with in a while, and brilliant to have it in our own home so H could sleep in his own cot. What wasn’t so great was the fact it was 35 degrees yesterday. We melted. I feel the purchase of a paddling pool for the backyard is imminent…

Today we’ll be having yet another BBQ (’tis the season!) with friends and thanking god that it’s cooler today. Have a good one all!

Australia Day

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x


So an 8 month-old baby is hard work. I mean, it literally never ends. And we have a ‘good’ baby, one who ‘sleeps through the night’. So this is why I haven’t blogged in an age:

  • The obvious reason: no time. I have an hour or two, TOPS, during the day, in which to do things like eat lunch, pay bills, return phone calls, look for a job, take a breath, etc. Once it gets to 9pm at night, I am pretty much all done in and all I have the strength for is watching another episode of Celebrity Masterchef UK or Total Divas.

Tired mummy, awake baby.

  • I still go to the gym, but not like I used to. I have to plan way in advance when I’m going to go, make sure Rob is home to mind Harrison, and believe you me the absolute last thing I feel like doing at the end of a busy day with a crawling baby is to exercise. I’d rather a large glass (bottle) of wine and a book, but I force myself to go a couple times a week. I contemplated giving up my gym membership as I was hardly going at all in the last few months of 2014, but I realised that if I did that, I’d NEVER do any focused exercise. It does help me to clear my mind. And I’m up to 20 minutes of running now. This is almost a record for me!
It's probably me. I hope.

It’s probably me. I hope.

  • I stick to cooking easy favourites, and when I do branch out lately everything I have cooked is a failure. I tried making Thai Chicken Cakes the other day, in the hopes they would be like Thai Fish Cakes. They weren’t. They were terrible. Probably because I forgot to buy thai curry paste so used indian curry powder instead… NOT my best idea. I’m also still getting used to my gas oven (how the hell do you know when that thing is pre-heated??) so haven’t even attempted a cake yet. A blessing or a curse?
Cooking disasters a-go-go

Perhaps not quite this bad but still, not my finest hours.

BUT, I do really want to get back into blogging, and writing as a regular practice. I review films and plays over at Alt Media every now and then (in fact this is my latest film review), and I’ve realised the reason I can write those pieces but not get motivated to blog, is that I have a deadline at Alt Media. So I might just have to start inflicting deadlines on myself. Stay tuned for more soon… I hope… 😉

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x