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It’s safe to say that coming back from two weeks in London and then attempting to overcome jetlag in two adults and a one year-old has left my household absolutely exhausted. The thing that fell off the agenda (apart from exercise, but that’s another story) was the state of the house. Now I wouldn’t say I am obsessive, but I do like to have a clean house. It’s a mark of just how shattered I was that I didn’t even attempt to move a mop around the floors, let alone dive into the bathroom, toilet duck in hand, for the first week we were back.


Then I woke up to what can only be termed a gift from the gods – free house cleaning! A lovely email popped into my Inbox from a website called Airtasker, that I had heard a little about, but never visited. Would I like a cleaner to come and clean my house for two and a half hours on a Friday? WOULD I EVER!!

So Friday rolled around and along came Fiona – a friendly, thorough and very understanding cleaner (who also happens to be an interior designer). She didn’t balk at the toys scattered liberally throughout the house, she brought her own super-powerful vacuum cleaner (just as well as ours had bitten the dust), and she did a brilliant job.

Harrison and I went out to meet Rob for lunch, and by the time we got home our floors were clean, our surfaces dust-free, you could see your face in the kitchen sink, and the bathroom was spotless.

I would love to have Fiona come every fortnight to do as thorough a clean as she did, and I would highly recommend home cleaning services in Sydney from Airtasker.

Airtasker works like this: you post the job you need doing (house cleaning, gardening, assembling furniture, etc.), then Airtaskers quote on your job. You pick the quote you most like the sound of, and you assign it to the Airtasker. They rock up and make your life SO MUCH EASIER. Each Airtasker is reviewed by people who have used them, so you can make an informed decision about who you want to do your job. The website was super-easy to use and I will definitely use them again in the future. If only to stop marriage-ending arguments about assembling IKEA furniture!


Stay Fit & Well,

Lisa x


Recently we flew to London via Singapore to visit family for two weeks, and attend the wedding of a friend. We thought it would be tough with a baby in tow, but what we didn’t bank on was our one year-old son starting to walk fully a couple of weeks before we left. This was a game-changer. Picture this: he wants to walk up and down the aisle, waving and smiling to people, and occasionally touching their legs to say hello. Adorable, right? Not for 23 hours straight, minus several naps (which were never long enough!).

How to survive a flight with a baby

So here’s what we did do to make the flight a little easier on everyone involved:

  • Took a good selection of silent toys – No one wants to hear the same annoying high-pitched song emanating from a tiny plastic car for hours on end.
  • Took several books – Harrison LOVES books (takes after his mother, clearly) so we took a couple of his favourites and they helped to distract him when the food and drinks trolleys were coming up and down the aisles so we couldn’t let him walk.
  • Packed all his food and had bottles ready to go – There is no way I trust plane food. I was served a grey scrambled egg for breakfast on one leg. No joke, it was actually grey. How does that even happen?
  • Tired him out in the airport running around – Which also knackered Mummy & Daddy but at least he didn’t go as nuts on the plane as he could have.
  • Dressed him in onesies – By far the easiest option when trying to change a nappy in the smallest possible space. You don’t even want to know about the logistics of changing a nappy in a plane toilet.
  • Paid attention to his tired signs – When he showed tired signs (yawning, rubbing his eyes, getting a bit whiny), we did whatever we could to get him to sleep and make him comfortable. If this meant him sleeping on one of us for 6 hours, then we did it (and got massages at a later date to get feeling back into our arms).

And here’s what I wish I had done differently:

  • Taken LOADS more books! – Spot gets damn boring after the 25th reading I can tell you.
  • Flown first class – HAHA yeah right, in my dreams!
  • Waited until he was 3 years old minimum. Or flown when he was 2 months old – Both are much easier ages to travel with. A 2 month old will just sleep, really. And a 3 year-old can be given an iPad or the in-flight entertainment.
  • Drugged my baby with Phenergan (JUST KIDDING *insert nervous laughter here*).

So there you have it, my tips for flying long haul with a young child. Please feel free to post any other brilliant things you did to make a long haul flight easier for you and everyone else. You never know, I may do it again (not bloody likely!).

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x