It’s not what you think. This isn’t a post about how to get a booty like Beyoncé (check out this post if that’s what you want). This post is about that most boring of chronic ailments: back pain.

Let me start by saying – my back never used to be an issue. My neck was always my weak spot, thanks to a minor workplace-related whiplash injury while on the dodgem car ride at Luna Park (true story). But I have to tell you that having a 12kg+ toddler that I have to haul around, plus the constant bending down to pick up toys/clothes/food thrown on the floor AND having less time to get to the gym have all contributed to my current back issue.

Back's the pits.


I went to a physio the other week and honestly he said there wasn’t anything he could do about my lifestyle – I’m a mum and it’s not like I can just not pick my son up. But there were stretches and exercises I can do to strengthen my back. I’ve been foam rolling every night (which Harrison thinks is hilarious – he jumps on me every time I’m on the floor, like it’s a game), I’ve started taking magnesium again and I’m doing yoga stretches more often, coupled with specific back exercises at the gym. But one night I had a particularly aching back that just would not go away.

Enter Nurofen. I tried some Nurofen Heat Patches last week, and I tried them out on my aching back. They are super easy to use, and get warm while not getting roasting hot, so they feel comfortable. I definitely felt a difference after using them two nights in a row for several hours, and I’d really recommend them for back pain relief.


Nurofen heat patches


I’m trying to get to the gym more often to build my strength back to where it was before I got pregnant, but it’s hard with studying full-time, working part-time and being a stay-at-home mum full-time as well. But don’t underestimate the incidental exercise involved in going to the park every single day with an active toddler. I’d highly recommend it!

What have you done to relieve an aching back? What have you found that works?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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