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For the past week, our 15 month-old son has decided that sleeping through the night is a thing of the past. No idea why. All I know is that some days I’ve had to function on around 3hrs sleep, and those days are when I bring the big guns out. I am talking coffee. I am talking green smoothies. I am talking vitamins and supplements. I am talking ANYTHING that gives me more energy and keeps my eyes open, preferably in a healthy way (drugs are frowned upon when you’re looking after a child).

Team No Sleep

So I was sent a new kind of vitamin water a few weeks ago, and last week I decided to try it out.

Karma Wellness Water stores formulated powdered vitamins and nutrients in the cap of the bottle. You just push down on a button in the top of the cap, and the vitamins are released into the water bottle. Although Karma is a well-established company in the US & Canada, they are new to the Australian market, and I think they are bang on trend.

Karma Wellness Water

They contain 90% less sugar than other vitamin drinks, and the vitamins that are stored in the cap don’t deteriorate as they are kept dry, so they’re easier for the body to absorb once you’ve popped them into the water.

The waters come in three flavours – Orange Mango “Sharper Thinking”, Acai Pomberry “Immunity Booster” and Passionfruit & Green Tea “Mood Elevation”.

Orango Mango was Rob’s favourite and is specially formulated for mental alertness (like he even needs it – he does better on no sleep than me!). It contains yerba mate, choline and coenzyme Q10.

Passionfruit Green Tea was far and away my favourite flavour, and it apparently enhances mood and encourages relaxation with ginseng and L-theanine. I loved the flavour!

Keep a look out for Karma Wellness Water at cafes, convenience stores, pharmacies and in other specialist venues (sporting clubs, etc.).

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x


I know the feeling – after a day that’s dictated by your baby’s naps and feeding times, a day where you may have been covered in Vegemite-smeared hands, been accidentally head butted in the face several times and also not managed to get a single item of washing dry because of the incessant rain, or changed out of your pyjamas, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking.

Stressed in the kitchen much?

But it’s impossible to exist on eggs and toast seven days a week, take away food is expensive and let’s face it, cooking is actually quite fun sometimes (usually when you’ve prepared something and your partner raves about it).

Here are some useful tips for cooking and preparing food while you’re at home with baby. Caveat: after your baby turns into a toddler, the game changes. He/she can now run of with the rolling pin/cut up vegetables/salt shaker. All bets are off.

  • Use nap times for food prep

 When you’re a new mum, people often say “sleep when the baby sleeps”. To these people I say – are you kidding?! I was blessed (hmm…) with a baby who, after the first few weeks of life, rarely napped during the day for longer than 20 minutes at a time and I’m telling you right now – there is NOTHING more frustrating than to be woken literally two minutes after you’ve fallen asleep. It keeps you constantly on edge. So instead, I would throw on a load of washing, chop some vegies for a stir fry or curry and bang them in the fridge for later, then down a cup of tea and we’re off again on Mama duty. If your baby sleeps for several hours at a time, you’ve got time to do some food prep AND have a nap. Lucky you.

  • Use your baby’s awake times to made food prep an activity

If you do actually nap when your baby naps, well…try not to brag about it at mother’s group. It won’t get you any friends. When you and bub wake up, put them in a bouncer or a high chair, give them a toy or something to stare at and you’re free to do what you will in the kitchen. Describe what you’re doing in the style of Jamie Oliver and you can even say you’re helping your baby learn language at the same time as being a super-mum. Win-win.

  • Chop the vegies in the morning

I am an avid fan of this strategy, as I now have a toddler and food prep any other time is impossible. My husband plays with bub while I make my breakfast, lunch and dinner prep all at the same time. Hey, it means I can do some writing work when he naps during the day, so if that means getting up 10 minutes earlier, I’m in! I’ve got a good system going now, and it feels pretty normal to chop carrots, zucchinis and onion at 7.00am. Never thought I’d ever say those words.

  • Use a slow cooker

The slow cooker has been a revelation to me. Mine sat in the back of the cupboard for aaages, so I blew off the dust and tried making a chilli con carne. Success! Then I tried a beef and red wine casserole. Success! In fact nothing I’ve done in the slow cooker has ever been a failure. This was my first post about it. The concept is perfect for busy mums – throw the ingredients in in the morning, 8-10hrs later come home to a house smelling of amazingness and you have a delicious home-cooked meal. There are some awesome websites entirely devoted to slow cooker recipes, so find your faves and embrace it.

  • Find extremely generous family & friends who invite you over for dinner

Everyone’s super-helpful when you first give birth, bringing food with them when they visit (well, the good visitors do anyway), but weeks and months afterwards, the freezer supplies start drying up and you’re faced with having to learn how to multi-task, babe in arms. Why not forego this entirely and cosy up to your parents every Sunday for a roast, or start raving about how you LOVE your best friend’s homemade quiche. It may work for a while.

And if in doubt, there’s always eggs on toast.

What are your go-to easy prep meals on those tough days?

Why do they want dinner every single night?

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

The afternoon hits. Harrison wakes up anywhere between 1.45pm and 3pm, and we have afternoon tea. He has his usual ‘bapple’ (apple) and yoghurt, or a fruit bar, sultanas, banana or a Milk Arrowroot bickie (this is a treat for a 14 month-old). I have a big mug of green tea for energy, and usually some hummus and crackers or cheese and crackers.

Now last week I was sent some chips from Simply7 Snacks. I tried them one afternoon and I have to say that they were a revelation. Seriously tasty.

After making their mark in America, Simply7 Snacks has now launched in Australia with Hummus Chips and Lentil Chips. All of their products are free from any traces of wheat, soy, peanuts, treenuts, eggs, shellfish or sesame seeds, and they’re perfect for vegetarians, vegans or people on a kosher diet.

My favourites by far were the Lentil Chips, while Rob couldn’t get enough of the Hummus Chips – they were literally gone in 2 days (and we’re talking about a big packet here!). The Lentil Chips have only 4 ingredients, which I love. The less ingredients the better I say! And Harrison loved them too. I felt fine giving some of these chips to him while we were eating them, as I knew the ingredients were as good as you could get without making them yourselves.

Hummus Chips

I am a HUGE fan of Simply7 – they created their snack company because they themselves were sick of seeing snacks on the supermarket shelves that called themselves ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’, when most of the ingredients weren’t even recognisable. It is my pet peeve when I look at trying new products and the packaging looks great, it promises so much then you look at the Ingredients list and there are food additives galore listed. Simply7 products all have no preservatives or artificial colours and flavours, and they also contain no trans fat or cholesterol. Trans fat is the devil, so you want to avoid that at all costs!

They also make quinoa chips too, which I’m interested to try.

They’re sold in Coles, Target, Go Vita stores and selected IGA, Supabarn and Foodworks supermarkets.

Have you discovered any new healthy snacks you’d like to share? I’m always looking for interesting new products to try.


Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x