Who needs potato chips when you have lentil chips?

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Food
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The afternoon hits. Harrison wakes up anywhere between 1.45pm and 3pm, and we have afternoon tea. He has his usual ‘bapple’ (apple) and yoghurt, or a fruit bar, sultanas, banana or a Milk Arrowroot bickie (this is a treat for a 14 month-old). I have a big mug of green tea for energy, and usually some hummus and crackers or cheese and crackers.

Now last week I was sent some chips from Simply7 Snacks. I tried them one afternoon and I have to say that they were a revelation. Seriously tasty.

After making their mark in America, Simply7 Snacks has now launched in Australia with Hummus Chips and Lentil Chips. All of their products are free from any traces of wheat, soy, peanuts, treenuts, eggs, shellfish or sesame seeds, and they’re perfect for vegetarians, vegans or people on a kosher diet.

My favourites by far were the Lentil Chips, while Rob couldn’t get enough of the Hummus Chips – they were literally gone in 2 days (and we’re talking about a big packet here!). The Lentil Chips have only 4 ingredients, which I love. The less ingredients the better I say! And Harrison loved them too. I felt fine giving some of these chips to him while we were eating them, as I knew the ingredients were as good as you could get without making them yourselves.

Hummus Chips

I am a HUGE fan of Simply7 – they created their snack company because they themselves were sick of seeing snacks on the supermarket shelves that called themselves ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’, when most of the ingredients weren’t even recognisable. It is my pet peeve when I look at trying new products and the packaging looks great, it promises so much then you look at the Ingredients list and there are food additives galore listed. Simply7 products all have no preservatives or artificial colours and flavours, and they also contain no trans fat or cholesterol. Trans fat is the devil, so you want to avoid that at all costs!

They also make quinoa chips too, which I’m interested to try.

They’re sold in Coles, Target, Go Vita stores and selected IGA, Supabarn and Foodworks supermarkets.

Have you discovered any new healthy snacks you’d like to share? I’m always looking for interesting new products to try.


Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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