For the past week, our 15 month-old son has decided that sleeping through the night is a thing of the past. No idea why. All I know is that some days I’ve had to function on around 3hrs sleep, and those days are when I bring the big guns out. I am talking coffee. I am talking green smoothies. I am talking vitamins and supplements. I am talking ANYTHING that gives me more energy and keeps my eyes open, preferably in a healthy way (drugs are frowned upon when you’re looking after a child).

Team No Sleep

So I was sent a new kind of vitamin water a few weeks ago, and last week I decided to try it out.

Karma Wellness Water stores formulated powdered vitamins and nutrients in the cap of the bottle. You just push down on a button in the top of the cap, and the vitamins are released into the water bottle. Although Karma is a well-established company in the US & Canada, they are new to the Australian market, and I think they are bang on trend.

Karma Wellness Water

They contain 90% less sugar than other vitamin drinks, and the vitamins that are stored in the cap don’t deteriorate as they are kept dry, so they’re easier for the body to absorb once you’ve popped them into the water.

The waters come in three flavours – Orange Mango “Sharper Thinking”, Acai Pomberry “Immunity Booster” and Passionfruit & Green Tea “Mood Elevation”.

Orango Mango was Rob’s favourite and is specially formulated for mental alertness (like he even needs it – he does better on no sleep than me!). It contains yerba mate, choline and coenzyme Q10.

Passionfruit Green Tea was far and away my favourite flavour, and it apparently enhances mood and encourages relaxation with ginseng and L-theanine. I loved the flavour!

Keep a look out for Karma Wellness Water at cafes, convenience stores, pharmacies and in other specialist venues (sporting clubs, etc.).

Stay Fit & Well,
Lisa x

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